High turnover rates can be very costly and impact on morale and productivity.

It is fundamental to find talented individuals who are also a good fit for your organisation. Reviewing your recruitment process, you can ascertain if you are taking enough time to get to know your potential hire, assessing their fit both technically and culturally. You can also identify if you are missing out on potentially ideal individuals through lack of communication or too lengthy recruitment processes/decision-making.

Job advertisements

Are these being peer reviewed, ideally by a diverse range of employees? Their feedback should help understand if the advert is targeting certain motivations, or genders, and if it gives an accurate reflection of the job and company – reducing the risk of a candidate falling out of the recruitment process, or worse still leaving soon after starting.

Cultural fit

Taking the time to reflect on company culture will help identify the performance and values indicators you need to build into the recruitment process to help measure potential hires’ fit more accurately.

Using standard interview questions can also help reduce risk of unconscious bias.

Pre-recorded videos

Video interviews have become the norm throughout the recruitment process. However, using pre-recorded video interviews as part of your recruitment process can help at an early stage to identify particularly relevant candidates, useful when you may have received a high number of CVs.

Ensuring an effective hiring process, nimbly sourcing, identifying and securing relevant individuals from the outset will help you build a workforce that you can continue to engage, develop and challenge encouraging long-term loyalty and commitment to your organisation.

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