Candidate Attraction

The strong reputation of Sammons attracts a high calibre of talent and, combined with our proactive approach to sourcing, clients are able to select from some of the best, most qualified candidates available.

  • Client & Candidate Briefing

    At Sammons we believe the better the briefing, the more successful the outcome. We invest in getting to know the business, organisation and the candidate requirements of our clients to ensure we hit the mark, every time – seeking to gain a thorough understanding of core values, business plans and the key attributes that underpin the right candidate to fit their company culture.

    Obtaining detailed job briefings from our clients allows us to have a precise understanding of the person our client needs, the critical skills required and the attributes that suit their organisation, enabling us in turn to use selective search in our candidate sourcing.  

    From our briefings we work with clients to set realistic timeframes to ensure that we are working in line with the organisations’ expectations. We provide insights into candidate availability, expert recruitment methodology, salary benchmarking and market intelligence. 

  • Database Search

    Our database has been built up over many years and has national coverage of candidates from clerical administrators to industry-leading management. Updated on a daily basis, we proactively source skilled individuals across the country. Our talent pool has been developed through reputation, referrals, effective advertising campaigns, search and extensive market intelligence. Utilising our core capabilities, we are able to target candidates in your specific location as well as those willing to relocate.

  • Online Advertising

    We utilise a variety of proven online channels to target potential candidates, through recruitment job boards to LinkedIn; social media to online advertising. Within this fast evolving, digital world, we adopt a forward-thinking approach that encompasses new search models to help us deliver specialist recruitment consultancy services ever more effectively.

  • Recommendations

    Our established market presence in the recruitment industry means our teams have a network of contacts built up over years of experience. Clients and candidates work with us because they know that our consultants offer unmatched expertise, integrity, first-hand knowledge of specialist fields and, above all, discretion. We are delighted that the majority of our business comes through repeat business and recommendation.

  • Executive Search & Selection, Head-Hunting

    It is our job to identify and attract high achievers to our clients’ businesses and our executive search and selection service does just that. Our consultants have extensive knowledge in the specialist fields we service and joint with our network of contacts, we have the experience, reach and capability to find the best, most qualified talent in the market.

Delivery Precision

Always keeping your overall organisational objectives in mind, we understand how talent acquisition fits into the bigger picture, and we find candidates who will provide the impact you need.

We focus on precise execution, delivered by the very best people, working with sector leading technology and recruitment tools, and benefitting from our well-established brand.

  • Quality & Compliance

    Adhering to the Employment Agencies Act (EAA), our clients can be confident that our high-quality processes and procedures are both ethical and legally compliant.

    Accredited through the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) we strive to deliver standards of excellence and quality that help ensure that our stakeholders are completely satisfied with our performance. Our processes and procedures are governed and are subject to regular internal and external review and auditing.

    Our service delivery is underpinned by a framework of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which support our overall performance measurement and monitoring process, helping us drive continuous improvements to our service delivery.

  • Candidate Submission

    We work with our clients to understand their preferences in receiving candidate submissions and ensure that candidate consent is sought prior to any such introduction. Our teams are committed and equipped to providing a quality, professional service, in line with our clients’ individual requirements.

    Some clients prefer to have individual candidates submitted once sourced, whereas others have a preference to group selection, receiving a number of candidate submissions to review collectively. Some ask for specific CV formatting, reasons for leaving, completed or pending screening elements and skills-based testing. We tailor our candidate submission to the variety of these client preferences.

    We present shortlists for clients’ review, where each candidate submission includes current and expected remuneration, location and notice period, as well as a detailed consultant summary, based on a thorough pre-screening interview undertaken with the candidate to encompass skills, experience, achievements, aspirations and suitability.

  • Interview Process Management

    A job interview is primarily regarded as the main opportunity for an employer to assess a candidate’s suitability for a role. However, at the same time, we can help manage the process to also help the interviewee gain a favourable opinion of the client organisation and vacancy concerned.

    At Sammons we offer full interview process management to enable our clients to select from some of the best and most qualified candidates available, while demonstrating powerful first impressions, offering a clear flavour of their company culture and leaving a candidate keen to progress further. An efficient, while personalised hiring process can be highly positive to a clients’ employee branding and overall image and candidate experience.

    Feedback and the way we provide this is critically important to the overall candidate experience and interviewees expect and appreciate honest and timely feedback.

    Therefore, following any interviews, feedback is proactively sought from both client and candidate.

Final Stages

At Sammons we’re here for the long-term.

Our experienced consultants support candidates through their careers and clients through their growth and ongoing development.


  • Fees 

    At Sammons we are adaptable to your business offering, in addition to contract and temporary resourcing solutions, we provide Executive Search and Selection to Contingency services for permanent roles. Our team specialise in accelerating your time-to-hire through sharp talent acquisition processes and heightened candidate engagement. 

    We have an exceptional reputation within the recruitment industry and are confident in our ability to deliver a skilled placement combined with a quality, professional customer service.

    We work with our clients to understand their expectations and deliver in line with time frame and budgets.

    Now is the time to find out why so many companies use us as their preferred supplier.

  • Aftercare

    At Sammons we believe our role does not just stop when a placement is made. We keep in touch with both our clients and our candidates through all stages of the recruitment process from the original briefing to interview, offer and beyond.

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