Our Specialisms

Engineering & Manufacturing

With many years of experience, our consultants have a thorough understanding of the particular needs of Engineering & Manufacturing recruitment.

We place engineers and technical staff across many sectors, in varying roles from manufacturing operations to design, quality to maintenance and process to project engineering. Our experienced consultants work closely with clients helping them to recruit some of the most sought-after permanent and temporary candidates in the market.

We can assist with your recruitment needs in all of the following areas;

Aerospace | Automotive | CAD/ CAM | CNC | Construction | Cost Control | Design | Electrical | Engineering | Expeditor | Extrusion & Moulding Setters | Health & Safety | Inventory Management | Light Assembly | Maintenance | Manufacturing | Mechanical | Metallurgy | Plant Fitter | Production | Project Management | Procurement | Quality Assurance | Sales | Senior Leadership | Technical | Warehousing Operative

Health & Safety, Facilities Management

Drawing upon years of expertise, our team comprehensively comprehends the specialised requisites within Health & Safety and Facilities Management recruitment.

We specialise in sourcing adept professionals for pivotal roles spanning diverse sectors, encompassing facility operations, safety protocols, maintenance, compliance, and project management. Leveraging our consultants’ proficiency, we collaborate closely with clients to secure top-tier permanent and temporary talent from the competitive marketplace.

We can assist with your recruitment needs in all of the following areas;

Cleaning | Facilities Management | Facilities Coordination | Caretaker | Commercial | Light Industrial Construction | Health & Safety Management | Property | Contracts Management | Procurement | Bids & Tenders

Supply Chain, Logistics & Procurement

Benefiting from extensive industry experience, our team possesses a profound understanding of the intricacies within Supply Chain, Logistics & Procurement recruitment.

We connect skilled professionals across various domains, covering procurement, logistics management, supply chain optimisation, and strategic sourcing. Our consultants collaborate closely with clients to facilitate the acquisition of permanent and temporary candidates, ensuring a seamless match with the evolving market demands.

We can assist with your recruitment needs in all of the following areas;

Transportation | Warehouse | Packaging | Cargo | Freight Forwarding | Distribution Centres | FMCG | Direct Goods/Services | Indirect Goods | Professional Services | Planning & Materials Control | Cargo| Freight Forwarding | Aircraft | Fulfilment | Refining | Print | Trading | Pharmaceutical | Production Planning | Planning Specialist | Project Management | Tenders| Bid Planning | Medical | Commercial | Industrial | Retail | Quantity Surveying

Warehouse & Fulfilment

Through extensive industry experience, our consultants possess a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in Warehouse & Fulfilment recruitment.

We specialise in connecting top-talent for various warehouse roles, spanning inventory control, order processing, logistics coordination, and operational management. Our team collaborate closely with clients, navigating this recruitment landscape.

We can assist with your recruitment needs in all of the following areas;

Picking/Packing | Volume Distribution | B2B | B2C | Transportation | Loading/Unloading | Project Management | Distribution | Retail | Ecommerce | Export | INCO Terms | Inventory Management | Quality Control | Yard Operative | Import | Stock Management | Pharmaceutical | Clean Room | Manufacturing| Production | Assembly Line

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