When the REC Awards presented an opportunity to celebrate the success of a recent project or campaign we have worked on as a team, we couldn’t not put our case forward to publicise the collective effort our divisions have demonstrated throughout our 2023 Group Digital Transformation Project and we are delighted to now be shortlisted.

Our systems are critical to our business, our service delivery and our operational capabilities; We therefore invested heavily in this project to ensure we have the best systems on the market, to further enhance our teams’ roles, differentiate from our competitors, and provide unified platforms to excel from, as we collaboratively drive the Sammons Group forward.

The overall Project consists of unifying our CRM’s, moving to one single Pay & Bill system (fully integrated into our CRM), plus transitioning to a new IT Support Provider Group-wide. Additionally, we plan to obtain a Cyber Essentials Accreditation for the full Group, of which we have so far been awarded this for one of our Generalist branches.

Different team members have focused on specific elements of our Digital Transformation Project, however for our REC award submission, we focussed on our new CRM; The decision of which CRM we progressed with, plays a huge part in our future landscape, and hence, we involved all individuals within the Group to vote to choose our new CRM. Our ultimate goal was to have one CRM across the Group to support streamlined and common operating procedures.

Like most in-depth Technology projects, the transition was far from plain sailing, with the migration from our legacy systems becoming extremely testing at times, however our teams never faltered. Therefore, we’d like to take the opportunity once again to say a huge thank you to everyone across our Group for your on-going hard work, commitment and patience - we do know the impact that this transition has had on our daily operations and don’t underestimate the additional effort and workload this required.

Innovation formed almost all of this Project and what initially ignited our overall motivator and end goal. The technology innovations considered throughout, have been chosen to enhance delivery, overall user experience (across all varying stakeholders) and designed to save time and energy, aligning to our on-going commitment to sustainability in the workplace, long-term.

Unifying our CRM significantly drives opportunity for collaborative working and cross selling prospects across our Recruitment Group. Our teams can now work in sync, with far greater pace and stronger communications, providing clients the gold standard service they require and candidates even more opportunities in the job market.

Click here to see the full 2023 REC Awards Shortlist: www.rec.uk.com/shortlist

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