Ensuring you have the right resources for the recovery, Solved.

As a leading recruitment services provider to an extensive range of clients throughout the UK for over 60 years, we have continued to develop through customer-driven growth executed by precision, delivered by great people and supported by investing in sector-specific technology.

The effect of Covid-19 through the past year has provided us the time to listen to our clients, and to respond to their recruitment requirements as the recovery phase gains momentum. Now, building on our heritage, we are investing in our future service delivery. As a first step, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our rebrand and new website, helping us build for success and providing our teams a great platform to find the highest calibre of talent, to help with our clients’ requirements.

Throughout this project we had to ensure we all truly evaluated and understood what the Sammons Recruitment Group really stands for, in both todays’ world and future developments for the years that lay ahead. Agreeing where the whole company positions itself, what we as a team pride ourselves on delivering and how we as a Group truly are a cut above the rest.

Collectively we help people and businesses, to match the most appropriate skills, culture & experience to the perfect role, acting as a conduit between the right people, for the right role, within the right businesses.

We place high quality candidates that fit a client’s requirements within agreed time frames, while really listening to their wants & needs & finding them the right solution that really delivers.

At Sammons, we;

  • Problem solve;
  • Help people our approach;
  • Match skill-sets;
  • All while connecting people with business.

To us it feels very much like a puzzle, with every piece playing its significant part in our solution as we’ve been solving clients hiring needs and candidates career opportunities, since 1957.

From here on, when people come to our teams, our aim is for them to know whatever the need, it will be …

Solved, by Sammons.

Solved is our new concept, our way of demonstrating solutions to every client, candidate and teams’ individual puzzles. Collectively we as a Group help solve every client’s hiring needs and every candidate’s career challenge. While providing our teams an exceptional place of work, opportunity to grow and develop, and for us as a team to reach incredible heights.

For further information on our brand, how our recruitment services can help your business deliver and the many opportunities we are actively recruiting for across the country, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We’re just a phone call away.

A message of thanks to those involved in this project, especially our designers https://fableco.uk & SEO consultant https://www.convertdigital.co.uk; collectively we achieved a remarkable finishing piece!

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