With record numbers of vacancies currently available across the economy, could there be a more opportune point to consider a career move?

Whether you have had your overdue job search on hold, or are just starting to think about considering a move, take time to reflect on your levels of job satisfaction and happiness, and what you want out of your role.

You are then in an ideal position to consider:

  • can I achieve this in my current role? (Ideally discuss this with your manager)
  • is it the right time to make a move externally to achieve my objectives?


Do you feel motivated in your job?

Do you enjoy the job you are doing, and celebrate the successes (big or small) you achieve, or do missed deadlines or meetings not concern you? Being honest with yourself, if you don’t feel that you particularly care about the job you are doing,  or the successes you should be striving to achieve you are not giving the best of yourself and are likely to feel dissatisfied or frustrated on a regular basis.

Do you feel challenged by your job?

For many the first year of a job is learning how to perform the role within a particular environment, developing or learning new skills. The second year you start to excel in this, and by the third year you are demonstrating your ability to be considered for new or increased responsibilities. The opportunity to think on your feel, problem solving or rising to challenges presented or sought out will naturally result in greater levels of satisfaction and achievement. If these opportunities aren’t available, you may feel that you are not utilising your talent and skills to the best of your ability, resulting in a sense of dissatisfaction or frustration.


Do you feel your contribution is being recognised?

The recent challenging times we have all faced have highlighted the importance of everyone pulling together, adapting quickly to new ways of working, creating working spaces at home and juggling personal commitments. Just as in more “normal” times, people want to feel that their efforts are being recognised and appreciated. It would be quite natural to feel frustrated or dissatisfied by a lack of acknowledgement and appreciation.

Are you seeing your peers developing more quickly than you?

If you feel that you are being passed over for promotion or career development opportunities, it may be time to make a move externally where your skills and efforts are going to be recognised, nurtured and rewarded.

It is perhaps unrealistic to expect a job to be perfect all the time, but if you are not waking up on a regular basis and relishing the day ahead, it may be time to look for a new opportunity that is going to give you the satisfaction and motivation you deserve.

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