What do you do when you have made the decision to leave, found a new role and then the boss begs you to stay?

It seems like the perfect situation: You feel you are ready to move on for the reasons you have identified that aren’t being fulfilled in your current employment – for example more money, a new challenge, a better work/life balance. After a secret job search another employer offers you the opportunity you are looking for, you tell the boss you’re quitting, and all of a sudden from out of the blue they come up with a counter-offer: what do you do now?

A counter-offer can be tempting and is almost always flattering. The company values you so much; they can’t bear to see you leave; Your managers are recognising your significant contribution and will pay you more than you thought was possible… A counter offer usually requires some careful consideration; especially since it may not be as rosy as you might first think.

“I suspect that most companies do not see this as a long-term expense, as you have already ‘outted’ yourself as a flight risk”

“80% of people who accept counter offers leave or are let go within 6 months”


Write down a list of pros and cons for staying or leaving

DO…. Keep your end goal in sight. Remind yourself why you wanted to leave in the first place

DON’T… Buy into the emotion, this is a business decision. Stay professional and in control of the situation

DO… Resign professionally and clearly in writing

Do… Talk to trusted colleagues, friends and family and professionals such as a Recruitment Specialist

The team at Sammons Pensions Recruitment is on hand for services we provide including:
 Career counselling
 Recruitment advice (both client and candidate perspective, all stages of the recruitment process); Outplacement
 Annual salary survey, now in its 21st year. Benchmarking.

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