Working together to create a positive outlook throughout Covid-19.

It’s been almost two years since the pandemic changed the way we work, and at this point many employees and employers are feeling both physically and emotionally exhausted, therefore, the Christmas break could not come soon enough, however, now more than ever is the time to adapt and invest, setting everyone up for the year ahead.

Beyond Technology, it is paramount for us to consider our teams wellbeing, as well as sharing our knowledge and experiences with both clients and candidates to demonstrate ways in which we all can carry on operating during these challenging times.

Create moments of gratitude

Increased stress levels or burnout do not just come from too much work, but also when work loses the meaning and joy that comes from human connection. We thrive on smiles from colleagues when we do a good job, or the excitement from a customer when we help them solve a problem and we all can benefit from tapping into these moments of gratitude, whether remotely or in a work setting.

When Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced, in mid-December, that England will move to ‘Plan B’, seeing a return to working from home for most, at Sammons we kicked into action once again, setting our teams up to safely operate with their own health and welfare in mind, while upholding our services to both our clients and candidates across the UK.

Implementing work from home measures combined with office-based working where essential to our business, we continue to pioneer safe working environments for our teams.

Hear what some of our team had to say …

“Flexibility is key now more than ever in the workplace and especially at this time of year, when we are all looking to protect ourselves and loved ones. Sammons recognises this and adapts to all its employees individual needs to ensure a safe, happy and productive working environment. It truly is special to work for a company like Sammons that cares so deeply about its team.”

Adam – Talent Acquisition Consultant

“I am a new starter with Sammons only being with the Company for around 4 months, and due to recent times a lot of us are beginning to work from home on a hybrid basis. Sammons have been extremely professional and efficient with setting all its employees up with equipment to work from home and also being flexible with working patterns. Personally, I feel very supported by my colleagues in adapting to a new way of working in these difficult times.”

Daniel – Recruitment Resourcer

“Starting a new career journey is daunting for anyone, but to begin my new journey mid-pandemic came with extra worries. The team here at Sammons have been extremely welcoming and reassuring. The Sammons Group have created a workplace where we can feel confident that our individual needs are catered for. I have been supplied with all the tools I would require if I was to work from home and I have the upmost support while doing so.”

Natalie – Recruitment Advisor

At Sammons we believe the environment in which we work, whether at home or in our offices, can greatly influence how teams feel about their job and the company they work for and because of this, it’s important for us as an employer to foster a positive atmosphere which encourages consistently.

Providing our teams with positive, safe work environments, we hope to lead by example, and demonstrate to both our clients and candidates how to implement and adopt appropriate working environments for their own teams and businesses to continue to operate and excel from.

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