Sunday evenings can come with a feeling of dread – the weekend has passed by in a flash, and a long working week is fast approaching.

Is it possible to instead start looking forward to the coming challenges to be faced?

To do lists

Make the day count, getting into a routine as quickly as possible you’ll feel much more positively about the day ahead. Procrastination will feed into frustration that will have a negative effect on your production levels and create mental blocks.

Write out your to do list- better still on a Friday afternoon (putting this down in writing can immediately feel like an achievement in getting organised. Look for “quick wins” and don’t set yourself unrealistic expectations, which if not achieved will feed into frustrations and anxiety levels.)

Take time to reflect on your working week, when are you working at your best?

Some people are early risers and work best first thing in the day, others are night owls. Find what working pattern works best for you. In the current climate with so many of us working from home flexible working has become an important part of this, for example to juggle childcare, and many employers are doing their best to support this.

Think about how you structure your week and plan your work around this.

Make Fridays count

  • Tell me about yourself (tip: take time to prepare succinct examples whether talking about yourself in general or specific examples of previous experience)
  • What is your greatest strength/weakness?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Reason(s) for leaving current/prior employers (tip: don’t criticise/insult former employers)

It is human nature that Fridays tend to be the day you start to wind down, ahead of the weekend. Looking at production levels they start to rise typically around midday Monday as people get back into their routine, peaking throughout the week and then starting to drop off on a Friday.

Try to get those tasks you’ve been putting off finished by the end of the week, instead of pushing into the following week. You’ll feel a lot more positive as you face the new week without these hanging over you.



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